Election Maps

your Senate

The composition of the 114th United States Senate. Independent members are outlined in blue to show the party they caucus with.

legend_solid_blue Democratic Party (D)      legend_solid_red Republican Party (R)

114th United States Senate (with independents outlined in blue)

your Senate districts

Party membership by state for the 114th Congress
193ABE box with 1px wide black border 2 Democrats
legend_solid_purple 1 Democrat and 1 Republican
A20303 box with 1px wide black border 2 Republicans
legend_stripes_green_red 1 Independent and 1 Republican
legend_stripes_green_blue 1 Independent and 1 Democrat

114th United States Congress Senators

your Congress

Composition of the US House of Representatives

legend_solid_blue Democratic Party (D)      legend_solid_red Republican Party (R)      legend_solid_outline_gray Vacant

United States House of Representatives 2015

your Congressional districts

A map of all of the U.S. congressional districts. To find the district’s number, look at the district, compare with the color code at the bottom to get number. The colors do not have any intrinsic meaning other than to provide visual distinction.

113th US Congress House districts color



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