All You Need Is Love

14 11 2008

“This is about the human heart.”

Wow, I just became a fan of Keith Olbermann.


If You Are Pro-Life, You Should Love Same-Sex Couples

13 11 2008

“They’re not ‘pro-life’ – they’re Anti-Woman.”

“Who has less abortions than homosexuals?”

“Basically what they’re saying is that any woman who’s had more than one period is a serial killer.”

“Not every ejaculation deserves a name.”

George Carlin, in one of his most brilliant routines:

We miss you, Carlin. You paved the way.

The Beginning of Hope or the End of It

31 10 2008

“Right now, in America, we are living in the center of a potential paradigm shift. A definite, burgeoning movement. A time of Hope. With the upcoming elections, we could redefine America’s standing in the world by enacting foreign policy that is based on the universal understanding that we are all interconnected. That the rape of an eight-year-old-girl in Congo is akin to the rape of an eight-year-old girl in Chicago or Phoenix. We use the words and slogans “Never again” and “Not on our watch”, but right now thousands are being displaced, raped, murdered in Eastern DRC.”

There are policies that Barack Obama and I do not see eye to eye on. I have serious reservations about a few of his decisions, and I continue to hold a political torch for Hillary Clinton.


I believe that Barack Obama will do more for the people of Congo than John McCain will.

I believe that Barack Obama will do more for women’s rights in the U.S. than John McCain will.

I believe that an administration under Barack Obama will listen to issues of the poorest American people more than under John McCain.

I believe that Barack Obama will show more diplomacy, both at home and abroad, than John McCain.

I believe that Barack Obama will support scientific research more than John McCain.

I believe that Barack Obama will inspire other leaders better than John McCain.

For all these reasons, I believe that Barack Obama will make a better U.S. president than John McCain.

I will be stepping into the gym of my local high school this Tuesday at 6 am, where I will state my name, show some ID, and make a few choices that will change the course of history for my country and the world. The biggest assholes in the history of America will be the people who, on Wednesday, wake up and realize that they were registered to vote and just didn’t.

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Palin is McCain’s Weapon of Mass Distraction

4 09 2008

Sarah Palin is not a woman politician. Sarah Palin is a Republican politician.

A letter from someone claiming to know Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin - (sigh)

Sarah Palin - (sigh)

And a great article that came out even before the NY Times piece this week:

Bullying, cronyism and banning books – what’s not to love?

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