The Responsible & Those Irresponsible

9 01 2011

Tragedy is common. Wars rage and subside, then rage again. Individuals align themselves with groups and battle against other individuals in another group. Disagreements escalate among people in one culture or another every day, sometimes resulting in not just psychological but also physical violence. It happens all the time.

Yet our worlds keep turning – as they should. A shooting in Mattapan, MA doesn’t prevent a street in Moss Point, MS from reopening after its own shooting. One of humanity’s greatest strengths is that we can endure more than we can imagine. However, like all kinds of strength, our ability to endure tragic circumstance improves only with practice.

It is easier to simply react. Hell, it’s more fun. To simply embrace one’s first reaction and cease contemplation soon after is a luxury reserved for those with very little adult responsibility. Much like eating dessert for breakfast, the consequence quickly outweighs it’s novelty.

As we learn more about Friday’s assassination attempt on Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona, and as we hear various theories on why it happened, who was killed, who was injured and who is responsible, it’s important to think four moves ahead. Yes, Sarah Palin is among those guilty of the incendiary remarks that encourage physical violence against those with whom she disagrees. Yes, these people should be ashamed and embarrassed by their past actions. Now, what are you going to do about it? Hit someone? Shoot someone? Use your car to run over someone with whom you philosophically disagree about healthcare, reproductive rights, gay marriage and a myriad of other crucial ideas?

Go home. Sit down. Have a cup of something warm, caffeine free, and non-alcoholic. Remember that each of us has the power to just say no to that way of life. Because they’re out there – those who choose to take the easy path, the irresponsible path, as we endure the violence they embrace.


All You Need Is Love

14 11 2008

“This is about the human heart.”

Wow, I just became a fan of Keith Olbermann.

If You Are Pro-Life, You Should Love Same-Sex Couples

13 11 2008

“They’re not ‘pro-life’ – they’re Anti-Woman.”

“Who has less abortions than homosexuals?”

“Basically what they’re saying is that any woman who’s had more than one period is a serial killer.”

“Not every ejaculation deserves a name.”

George Carlin, in one of his most brilliant routines:

We miss you, Carlin. You paved the way.

Proposition 8 Defeats California

7 11 2008

I couldn’t have said it better myself:

“Senators Boxer and Feinstein, the mayors of San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the state’s major editorial pages, Pacific Gas and Electric, tech titans Google and Apple — all opposed Proposition 8. Their opposition was rooted in the American ideal of liberty and justice for all, but it made practical sense, too. Call it a slow brain drain (brain leak?), call it a competitive disadvantage in recruitment, call it what you want. At the end of the day, bigotry is not just morally repugnant — it’s also bad business.”

The number one reason to be inclusive in your business is to avoid driving away some of the best talent with discriminatory policies. It’s just bad business.

Prop Hate

6 11 2008

“It’s easy for many of us to simply move on now because it doesn’t affect us. Well, I don’t want to move on, because this law that aims to define marriage doesn’t have anything to do with marriage at all. This law actually and only aims to define some of us as something less than the rest of us. And that kind of law diminishes everyone.”


It WAS creepy to see them hugging and cheering – like they finally killed off every last dirty infadel in their sacrosanct straight world.

I was in a great mood Tuesday until I heard about Prop 8, and then I almost cried.

In June citizens of California were told that according to the state constitution, same-sex couples had the right to marry. So then some people said, “well, we’ll just change the constitution!” Lickity split, in the blink of an eye, my pride in my country deflated.

There are people in California who are already married – same-sex couples. So now their marriages are illegal? This is crazy.

I am so sad for those misguided (at best! at worst – bigotted) people who thought they were doing a good thing. This is a huge set back for gay rights not just in California (and Arizona, and Florida) but across the country, and it DOES personally affect my family, my friends, and me.

Even though Obama won, I feel like the gay community lost.

More on Gay Marriage
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Voter Registration Delays in a Republican County

31 10 2008

A story from hometown, New Jersey:

“My boyfriend registered to vote for the first time this year. He and I both live in Morris County, New Jersey. On October 10 he mailed his registration in to Trenton. The deadline for registering was October 14. As of October 29 he had not received any verification of his registration, so he e-mailed the Superintendent of Elections for Morris County, Roseanne Travaglia. On October 30 he received an e-mail response asking him to call her office because she had questions about his registration. When he called, he learned that although he sent his completed registration to the correct address well before the deadline, a clerical error made him ineligible to vote. He was told that Trenton office forwarded his registration to Bergen County instead of Morris County. It arrived in Bergen by the deadline, but by the time Bergen County office forwarded his information to the Morris County office the deadline had passed. He was told that he would have to use a provisional ballot on Election Day in order to vote.

Is this legal? Is this right? He could not have done anything to prevent this from happening except register even earlier than 4 days before the deadline – and that’s what deadlines are for, are they not? This is 100% clerical error – how can he be penalized for something over which he had no control, and in fact is a human mistake made by employees of the State of New Jersey?

Ah, and it’s only Friday. Happy goblin day – the creeps are out in droves.

The Beginning of Hope or the End of It

31 10 2008

“Right now, in America, we are living in the center of a potential paradigm shift. A definite, burgeoning movement. A time of Hope. With the upcoming elections, we could redefine America’s standing in the world by enacting foreign policy that is based on the universal understanding that we are all interconnected. That the rape of an eight-year-old-girl in Congo is akin to the rape of an eight-year-old girl in Chicago or Phoenix. We use the words and slogans “Never again” and “Not on our watch”, but right now thousands are being displaced, raped, murdered in Eastern DRC.”

There are policies that Barack Obama and I do not see eye to eye on. I have serious reservations about a few of his decisions, and I continue to hold a political torch for Hillary Clinton.


I believe that Barack Obama will do more for the people of Congo than John McCain will.

I believe that Barack Obama will do more for women’s rights in the U.S. than John McCain will.

I believe that an administration under Barack Obama will listen to issues of the poorest American people more than under John McCain.

I believe that Barack Obama will show more diplomacy, both at home and abroad, than John McCain.

I believe that Barack Obama will support scientific research more than John McCain.

I believe that Barack Obama will inspire other leaders better than John McCain.

For all these reasons, I believe that Barack Obama will make a better U.S. president than John McCain.

I will be stepping into the gym of my local high school this Tuesday at 6 am, where I will state my name, show some ID, and make a few choices that will change the course of history for my country and the world. The biggest assholes in the history of America will be the people who, on Wednesday, wake up and realize that they were registered to vote and just didn’t.

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