Palin is McCain’s Weapon of Mass Distraction

4 09 2008

Sarah Palin is not a woman politician. Sarah Palin is a Republican politician.

A letter from someone claiming to know Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin - (sigh)

Sarah Palin - (sigh)

And a great article that came out even before the NY Times piece this week:

Bullying, cronyism and banning books – what’s not to love?

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We Have Not Come A Long Way, Babe

3 09 2008

“It’s nothing less than a slap in the face to all sisters wanting equality based on merit, not marketing.”

That’s really all you have to say about Govenor Palin as a VP candidate. But we’ll keep going, ’cause it’s fun.

“She’s too busy pushing that dinosaurs and people lived on the planet at the same time. That is when she’s not telling women that if they’re raped to suck it up and have the child, including in cases of incest”

Now, I enjoy the writings of Taylor Marsh, but this piece is above-average for an already above-average writer. It’s true that while some people’s initial reaction to Palin may have been, “Oh, thank god – a woman! “, the morning after offers a cayote ugly moment. Here is a politician who represents, in one way, voters who continue to feel ignored, unimportant, powerless.

The problem is people suck. Let me clarify – women can suck. Let me say it a different way – women who finally reach positions of power often act exactly like their male counterparts in ways that are counterproductive to enabling other women to reach positions of power. (See Carly Fiorina.)

So, that is part of the reason a lot of women are either sinking into a deep funk or suffering mental meltdowns from the repeated “does not compute” error message in their heads. That in-between slice of the Boolean circles belongs to the likes of Taylor Marsh. And that’s a good thing.

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Off the Shelf

3 09 2008

While democracy does need at least two parties to survive, those two parties may no longer be Democrat and Republican. Dems faced a long bitter battle this year and some revelations came out of it (New Democratic Party is already being carved out of the warring factions – made up of Feminist Dems, Green Dems, socially liberal Dems and anti-Iraq War Dems).

Protests and rallies continue to be on the rise, and more people are becoming more involved, actively and passively, in political campaigning. The fiscally conservative Republicans should think about joining the Dems, and let the progressive leftists migrate to the New party.

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Gore is to Bush as Clinton is to…

28 08 2008
Oh Democrats, you’re so cute.
Thank you, Senator Clinton.

Thank you, Senator Clinton.

Many reasons were cited for Gore’s loss in 2000. One factor was of course Nader. But Nader alone could not have broken that camel’s back. Half the country voted for the other guy – twice – and the Dems still haven’t gotten their shit together. In baseball, one cannot blame the last batter for losing the entire game – there are 8 other players on the team.

Likewise, PUMA is just one of many players. The people who make up PUMA existed long before this summer, and will continue to live on for the next 20-40-60 years, even if the organization does not. 40 years ago the “hippies” got pissed and made great sacrifices to bring about change. Where could we be in 40 years if PUMA takes the same path?

I understand that HRC needs to appear to support BHO 200%, but those references to “keep fighting” and “don’t give up” along with what she did NOT say made me crack a smile.

She asked if we were in it “just for her” and not the mother, daughter, woman etc.. which in NO WAY spells out, “this election is bigger than me so vote for Obama” …

All it spells out is, “this election is bigger than me” – which it is.

Her losing now, like Gore losing in 2000, will have ramifications far beyond what she can control and I’d bet a shiny nickel that she’s thrilled about it on some level.

On another level she’s pretty bummed I bet – which is understandable. So am I.

We cannot stop a river’s flow, but we can guide it.

26 07 2008

The Obama and Clinton campaigns have generated more energy in their separate political bases than the last two presidential elections combined. We, the people in these campaigns, have created this great Democratic movement whose precise direction is the only disagreement. Most of us would have voted for the other Democratic candidate had ours not been in the running. But now we have alienated our strongest allies, which closely resembles Bush’s leadership style.


The energy and political will with which we now find ourselves the stewards should not be ignored. The Republicans will not win this election – we will lose it.


That is, if we try to stop this momentum we feel right now. If we try to stop the river’s flow.