Reconciliation without Truth

21 11 2008

“Why not repeat the truth? Barack Obama’s election was a real breakthrough, without precedent–something he did by himself with the help of a million workers who were not working for Hillary Clinton.”

See, now when I read something like that I feel really pissed. The only reason (ok, the biggest reason) a lot of HRC supporters voted for BHO was because she encouraged it. Clinton asked them to support the Dem nominee and vote BHO – and a lot of supporters did. The vast majority, in fact, of former Hillary supporters swung hard right and voted Obama. This was out of loyalty to Clinton, not Democrats in general. Disregarding that voting block and saying, “Hey, we coulda done it without ya!” seems really stupid. If for no other reason, it fortifies that group of voters into looking for another candidate in 2012 and undermining Obama’s efforts in the years to come. And if he hadn’t needed them, he wouldn’t have bothered recruiting Hillary during the campaign.


Voter Registration Delays in a Republican County

31 10 2008

A story from hometown, New Jersey:

“My boyfriend registered to vote for the first time this year. He and I both live in Morris County, New Jersey. On October 10 he mailed his registration in to Trenton. The deadline for registering was October 14. As of October 29 he had not received any verification of his registration, so he e-mailed the Superintendent of Elections for Morris County, Roseanne Travaglia. On October 30 he received an e-mail response asking him to call her office because she had questions about his registration. When he called, he learned that although he sent his completed registration to the correct address well before the deadline, a clerical error made him ineligible to vote. He was told that Trenton office forwarded his registration to Bergen County instead of Morris County. It arrived in Bergen by the deadline, but by the time Bergen County office forwarded his information to the Morris County office the deadline had passed. He was told that he would have to use a provisional ballot on Election Day in order to vote.

Is this legal? Is this right? He could not have done anything to prevent this from happening except register even earlier than 4 days before the deadline – and that’s what deadlines are for, are they not? This is 100% clerical error – how can he be penalized for something over which he had no control, and in fact is a human mistake made by employees of the State of New Jersey?

Ah, and it’s only Friday. Happy goblin day – the creeps are out in droves.

Obama Should Spill a Little Red Ink to Turn a Few More Red States Blue

28 10 2008

“Indeed, a significant chunk of that money should be directed to Kentucky where challenger Bruce Lunsford is running just a few points behind McConnell. Want real change in America? Imagine a Senate without McConnell in it.”

A filibuster (talking out a bill) is a form of obstruction in Congress. An attempt is made to infinitely extend debate on a proposal in order to delay the progress or completely prevent a vote on the proposal taking place.

In 1917 in response to the actions of isolationist senators who attempted to out talk a bill, a rule allowing for cloture (ending a filibuster) was adopted by the Democratic Senate. President Wilson urged the Senate to change its rules to thwart what he called a “little group of willful men”.

In the 1960s, no Senate had more than 7 filibusters.

The 1999, with a Democrat president and a Republican supermajority in the Senate, the Senate had 58 filibusters.

In late 2007, with a Republican president and a Democrat majority (but not a super majority), Congress broke the record for the most filibusters, and then broke the record again with the most cloture votes in a single session, topping 70 clotures against a record number of filibusters from the Republican minority.

THATS why they’ve been dubbed the “do nothing” congress – Republicans won’t let the Democrats do a damn thing. Maybe if they had, the citizens wouldn’t be so quick to push for a supermajority.
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Obama’s Closing Argument

27 10 2008

Barack Obama has delivered a “closing argument” speech that is employs language and cadence vaguely reminiscent of the Clintonian splendor that I used to admire as a teenager. It’s a long read, but it’s a slice of history in the making. Read it here.

Gay Marriage and the Democratic Hazard

27 10 2008

“What gives the anti-gay marriage forces their influence comes down to moral hazard. If you run no risk sticking your nose into someone else’s bedroom, some people are weak enough to go ahead and do it. What gives them permission is a toxic tradition, deeply embedded in the right wing, of shameless intrusion. McCarthyism, the right to life movement, school prayer, anti-immigration, and a string of other rabble-rousing campaigns have been based on harming other people without risk to yourself. What makes these movements immoral is that the whole situation is upside down. In finance, you are supposed to take extra care of other people’s money, not less, when you are entrusted with it. In a democracy, majority rule is based on respect for minority rights, the basic idea being that a bond of trust allows minorities to feel safe when they are outnumbered.”

Please, Californians – don’t let the rest of us down, who are still awaiting gay marriage to be legal in our state. This is one of the most passive ways you can make history – thirty years from now you can say, “Yes, I did vote on that – I helped pave the way for others. I was an important part of American history – and no one could have done it but me.”

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McCain’s Warning: Perils Of One-Party Rule

27 10 2008

It is unreasonable to say that electing a Democrat president and having a Democrat majority in Congress equals
“one party rule”.

First of all, the supreme court, the third branch of government, is conservative-Republican heavy.

Second, we were living under the same “one party rule” when Bush was president with a majority in Congress for 6 years. True – it wasn’t a veto proof majority. We had that when Clinton was president, although he was a Democrat with a veto-proof Republican majority in Congress. Count the ways that went wrong.

That brings me to the third point – members of Congress and Senators are elected directly by citizens. If there is a majority in the legislative branch of government, it’s because a majority of people wanted them there. I wish a majority of citizens hadn’t wanted Republicans to have a majority in Congress for six years of Bush’s term – but they did and I lived with that. The bottom line is that my neighbors wanted it, I was outnumbered, and so I had to live with our collective decision. Now my neighbors might want a Democrat majority in Congress – and I support that. I also support a Democrat for president. It is not a package deal – they are individual decisions being made by millions of people. If a Democrat majority in Congress and Democrat President is what the majority of citizens want, then by golly that is what they should get – for better or worse.

This is the democratic system, like it or lump it.

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On The Lighter Side

18 09 2008
Thank you, thank you - if you get raped don't come crying to me, thank you.

"Thank you, thank you - if you get raped don't come crying to me - thank you."

“This is about who should run our country. I would love to see Angelina Jolie speak. I think she’s pretty and wears nice clothing and she loves her kids — but that does not make her a VP.”

That’s it! We should get someone like Angelina Jolie to be on the Democratic ticket in the next election if Obama doesn’t win this one! I’m not saying she, whoever “she” may be, should run with Hillary – Hillary can choose her own vp – but if Hillary decides not to run then we should definately put someone like Angelina Jolie on the ticket. Let’s see… we’ll need contenders:

(in no particular order)

  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Juila Roberts
  3. Susan Sarandon
  4. Meryl Streep
  5. Glenn Close (for irony if not her political views)
  6. Joan Allen (ditto – and if you don’t get that, see The Contender)
  7. Uma Thurman
  8. Daryl Hannah
  9. Angela Bassett
  10. (veto Halle Berry – Catwoman clips=devastating)
  11. Michelle Pfeiffer
  12. Gina Gershon
  13. Jennifer Aniston
  14. Gwen Paltrow (yeah, I put them next to eachother, good catch)
  15. Sally Field
  16. Elizabeth Shue
  17. Natalie Portman
  18. Madonna
  19. Geena Davis
  20. Drew Barrymore
  21. Lucy Liu
  22. Vivica Fox
  23. Demi Moore
  24. Jada Pinkett-Smith
  25. Sarah Michelle Gellar (for good measure)

Now, picture them with short hair, neutral makeup, and a pantsuit. Ok, scratch the short hair requirement – but we’d need a way to make it…functional/no fuss. Oh, and no skirts – though I guess that is covered by the pantsuit. Oh, and no clevage (sorry Meryl). Oh, and not smilng so much as smugly pleased with something (sorry Drew).

Ok, well this should get us started. Mock-up pictures to follow.

(NOTE: most of this is dripping with sarcasm, but it is not outside the realm of possibility to get an actor/actress into the whitehouse. They just need to be a govenor first – though I would accept Senator with a side of solid-management-experience.)