The Revolution Is Not Being Televised

22 06 2016


It started with an old fashioned sit in, and it turned into one of the most outrageous examples of censorship in recent American history. Not censorship of an individual citizen – censorship of the entire Democratic Party’s pro-gun control Representatives. While inside Congress. And it’s not over.

Democrat after Democrat are getting up to the podium and talking about why gun control laws are an important part of the country’s future. Led by Representative John Lewis of Georgia, their rally cries echo the criticism of the Senate’s failure to pass gun control measures just a few days before.

“We’re not pointing fingers – we’re saying ‘come with us!’, ‘join us!'” one Rep shouted.

“They won’t even allow us to vote! … They’re calling Rep. John Lewis a terrorist, because he’s getting in the way…Well if he’s a terrorist then I guess we’re all terrorists!” said another.

“What is stopping democracy today is the failure to even bring the issue forward for a vote…To my fellow colleagues…have the political courage to do your job. Where are you? Where are you?” said yet another.

During a very brief interview, Representative John Lewis said, “By sitting down, we’re really standing up.”

It began around just before noon, and that’s when the C-SPAN cameras were turned off. The policy of the House is that the cameras and microphones broadcast only while the house is “in session”. The Republican Representative of Texas, Ted Poe, who was presiding over the chamber, declared that the House was now “in recess”. So, the cameras were turned off.

C-SPAN sent out a message on Twitter, for clarity: “C-SPAN has no control over the U.S. House TV cameras.”

Soon after, the Periscope feed of Democratic Representative Scott Peters of California became the focus of anyone who wanted to know what was actually going on inside the chamber of democracy in the United States.

And at the bottom of the Periscope live stream of the sit in, there is the C-SPAN logo and an alert that reads “CAMERAS IN CHAMBER CONTROLLED BY HOUSE”. It’s chilling that the majority party can just turn off the cameras of the country’s primary news source for Congressional matters. No single party should be able to silence dissent, or blind citizens to lawful, peaceful, civil disobedience on their behalf.





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