Hillary Clinton: Why She is Uniquely Qualified as Secretary of State

21 11 2008

THANK YOU Jennifer Donahue!

It’s like there is this glossing-over going on, and that somehow HRC is just barely qualified to even be in any elected office, instead of being an international figure and one of the most significant, living or dead, women’s rights leaders.

I know no one likes talking about sexism anymore, because clearly women are allowed to hold the jobs and offices of men, so sexism is over (insert sarcasm here). Though the strategy may take a more subtle tone (“I’ve got nothing against a woman, but She’s not *qualified*” – “Well, she isn’t less qualified…” – “Not good enough!”), it exists in many homes across our nation. Some women are having conversations with their men and discovering they don’t see eye-to-eye afterall. We’ve been resting on our Third Wave laurels, and it’s time to dig in our heels again. Whatever happens with Hillary Rodham Clinton next, the supporters around the world of women’s rights will be watching.
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One response

25 01 2009
Pistol Pete


You might not like my opinion on this issue, but here it is:
HRC has a conflict of interest that should disqualify her from being the Secretary of State. She and her husband have accepted money from people and counties that she will have to deal with for official government business. You don’t take money from people and make deals with them.

Also, a true capable woman wouldn’t have had to rely on her husband to help her come in second place. She tries to use his presidency to obtain a position other than first lady (heath care fiasco) and through every facet of her seeking power, she makes her gender an issue. Win or lose, once you’ve done that you’ve failed doing anything equal to men. Remember the pretty in pink speech, the crying moment, and as it turned out, she actually was some “Tammy Wynette” standing by her man. She does these moves by political motivation, not as a real person.

As a real woman, she never would have had to wonder where Bill was every night. She would have owned him.



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