Prop Hate

6 11 2008

“It’s easy for many of us to simply move on now because it doesn’t affect us. Well, I don’t want to move on, because this law that aims to define marriage doesn’t have anything to do with marriage at all. This law actually and only aims to define some of us as something less than the rest of us. And that kind of law diminishes everyone.”


It WAS creepy to see them hugging and cheering – like they finally killed off every last dirty infadel in their sacrosanct straight world.

I was in a great mood Tuesday until I heard about Prop 8, and then I almost cried.

In June citizens of California were told that according to the state constitution, same-sex couples had the right to marry. So then some people said, “well, we’ll just change the constitution!” Lickity split, in the blink of an eye, my pride in my country deflated.

There are people in California who are already married – same-sex couples. So now their marriages are illegal? This is crazy.

I am so sad for those misguided (at best! at worst – bigotted) people who thought they were doing a good thing. This is a huge set back for gay rights not just in California (and Arizona, and Florida) but across the country, and it DOES personally affect my family, my friends, and me.

Even though Obama won, I feel like the gay community lost.

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