“What do Undecided Women Want?”

3 11 2008

Let’s ignore the inherent flaw in the question (that “women” all want the same anything – let alone those who are admittedly torn about something.)

“It was really crushing when Hillary lost…I felt like [Obama] could have spoken out and said okay, enough is enough, stop with the sexist comments, the misogyny, but I didn’t hear that from him, but a lot of us did feel that although we were loyal, lifetime Democrats we could not vote for Barack Obama … It’s just the fact that they told a whole segment of American society to go away, we’ll win the election without you… it was just incredibly insulting to so many women in this country….but again, it’s the policies, and that may be why I eventually wind up voting the Democratic ticket in November, but either way I won’t be very happy with my vote. Either way I vote this year it will be with great reluctance and with a lot of sadness.”

Amen, sista.

I have never been undecided about who I want as president, Obama or McCain. For me it has always been Obama. However, who I want to see as president and who I vote for are not necessarily the same.

As far as I’m concerned, I lost this race back in August. Now it’s just choosing between a royal jackass and a spineless jackass. I mean, Obama sounds good – but he ain’t gonna be THAT good. Others like me promised ourselves that we would not vote for the candidate who gutted Hillary’s campaign. If we were to uphold that promise, that would mean voting third party or voting McCain-Palin. One is a vote for progressive ideas, the other is just a protest vote. I’m not voting McCain-Palin. Then again, HRC did practically beg her supporters to vote for Obama. To ignore that call would be a disservice to HRC.

So, you could call me torn about who I will vote for, but I am not torn one bit about who I would rather see as POTUS. And I get that my candidate lost – I do – but that loss and how it came about is exactly what drives this ambivalence. Obviously Obama is closer to Clinton on policy issues. Obviously Palin being anywhere near that much power is a feminist nightmare. It isn’t about who would be the better President – that’s no contest. But if there are no consequences, microscopic as my vote is, for treating an experienced, intelligent, articulate, progressive woman candidate like dirt, then what’s the friggin point?

And it isn’t about calculating either – I understand that every vote counts, and that there is no guarantee that Obama can win without my vote. By the same token, I refuse to take responsibility for 99,999,999 other people’s votes. It is my decision, as their votes are theirs.

I’ll be happy to see a non-white male become POTUS, but don’t pretend like this vote is easy for former Hillary supporters and loyalists. Respect that passion, as I respect Obama supporter passion.




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4 11 2008

this is from another blog

I experienced ACORN-worker fraud and harassment at my caucus in Las Vegas in January. Hillary supporters, of which I was one, were spat upon and called racists. Non-Obama voters were misdirected and locked out, even though Obama voters were let into the gym after the close-out time. ACORN workers violated rules left and right and “lost” boxes of votes for Hillary. All our NV caucuses were a sham, and our Dem. Sec. of State Ross Miller did nothing about it, even after the FBI raided the LV ACORN office in October.
I’ve been a Dem for 35 years, and I can tell you that it feels bad—very bad—to have been spat upon by sister and fellow Dems and to have had my caucus vote stolen. Our votes are sacrosanct, but they were treated like garbage.
A documentary made by Dem. Gigi Gaston shows Dems—male, female, black, white, etc.—recounting horrifying caucus and polling-place incidents during the primary. It’s at http://www.wewillnotbesilenced2008.com. There’s also more firsthand evidence at http://www.caucusanalysis.org. I’m sorry to say, ACORN thugism, cheating, and vote rigging is real, and so is Sen. Obama’s long, deep connection with it.
The mainstream media have refused to report all the news. And now, you may hate me for relating my true experience, but regardless who wins tomorrow, the truth will eventually out. And you may still hate me for raining on your parade, but put yourself in my place. If you’ve never voted in a caucus or were not harassed during your state’s primary, then you have no idea what really DID IN FACT occur across the country.
I just couldn’t hold back anymore. It’s true. I experienced it, so did millions of others. I’m sorry that our fellow Democrats just don’t care about it. Saddest time in my 53 years of life. Sad for people of color who fought against the very thing that their own people perpetrated against others at the polls. You can see them speak about it on the documentary.
But you won’t look. Obama supporters don’t care.

5 11 2008

Yeah, we faithful descendants don’t care… not one bit. Which is why I maintain this blog – because I don’t care enough not to.


Ouch, brain pretzel.

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