Palin’s Look Is Our Hypocrisy, Not Hers

25 10 2008

Thankfully, Judy Muller has picked up on the hypocrisy of the Palin shopping spree story:

“I remember how shocked I was when I learned that the hair and makeup person who worked for one of network television’s top news anchors was paid a yearly salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars. But there is a reason that particular female anchor looks fabulous, day in and day out. Does it have anything to do with journalism? Of course not. No more than stiletto heels have anything to do with politics. Except that we make it so.”

Absolutely. The scrutiny of Palin’s appearance is excessive and discriminatory. Biden, McCain and Obama are not subjected to the same criticism and the same kind of magnifying glass, which to me makes it clear that the level of opinionated interest is dictated by Palin’s gender, not her policies.

The shame is on those who escalate this conversation to a topic of heavy rotation instead of a passing side story. It should be a topic that remains relatively under the radar instead of making banner headlines.

Bottom line: get real – if you want to dislike the McCain-Palin ticket then pay attention to their policies. If you don’t vote for them then they can’t win. There is absolutely no difference between a vote from someone who really really super duper wants that candidate to win and a vote from someone who is torn about whether or not to vote for that candidate. Don’t mistake moaning and groaning about how ridiculous the candidate is, or his running mate, for the power of a vote.

Talk is cheap – if you really want to make a big deal out of how ridiculous Palin or McCain are, then come up with an argument that will actually convince someone to NOT vote for them. Otherwise you’re just wasting your breath.




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