Jon Stewart: “F*ck all y’all”

24 10 2008

From the Huffington Post:

“Since then, a few more hobos hopped aboard the

hate-America bandwagon — Nancy Pfotenhauer insisted that Northern Virginia was not part of a “real Virginia” (despite being the economic driver of the entire state), and Michelle Bachmann (who is basically a nonsense-spewing twit whose electoral success is among the world’s most enduring mysteries) went on Hardball to call for a Congress-wide witch hunt for people who didn’t measure up to her standard of patriotism.

Early in the show, Stewart lambasted the general divisive sentiment that pits small towns against big cities, alluding to the fact that 9/11’s “ground zero” happened to be godless and elite New York City and “Communist Country/Fake Virginia” Arlington County. But at the end of the show, Stewart went back to reference his remarks at Northeastern, to make his point more broadly.”

Another great rant from Jon Stewart – not even a rant so much as a splicing and dicing of the McCain-Palin campaign strategy of late.

“If you’re not with us, you’re un-American.” Sound familiar? It’s reminiscent of the days immediately following the September 11th attacks – when minority store owners were the very first to hang American flag signs in their windows in order to avoid the hate motivated vandalism that other store owners experienced.

As Mr. Stewart so plainly puts it: what parts of the country are fake-American?

Game, set, match.




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