A Path To Success

7 09 2008

Regardless of a person’s origins, one’s journey can be filled with revelations, an increased intellect, and a humbling that only comes with a learned-empathy for others’ suffering. One need not begin their journey at Harvard or Yale or Wellesley to experience real intellectual growth and a greater understanding of the problems facing our world. Transferring schools can be a sign that one believes the journey to become wise is more important than how others perceive you.

I attended six colleges in five years. I started off at a four year school, but it was dominated by people and an administration that did not share my views in very important ways. I transferred once and took classes at other schools along the way, but I got my degree and I’m proud of all the work that went into it.

While I may feel an academic kinship to Governor Palin, none of this makes me “relate” to her in a way that overrides her views on abortion, religious fanaticism, fiscal responsibilities in relation to public services, and contempt for community organizers’ role in our country.

It’s not that she’s an inexperienced politician – and it isn’t even that she isn’t the most qualified woman politician – it’s that she stands for all that I fight against in my life. I am making a choice to put my politics and my body ahead of my sex’s glass ceiling – how else can I live with myself?




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