It’s a Free Cuntry

25 07 2008

Absofuckinglutely amazing.

That’s what I have to say about what might be one of the biggest events to cross the feminists’ path in my lifetime.

Many people have now written, very eloquently I might add, about the potential contraception catastrophe. It stems from the U.S. Department Health and Human Services’ proposal to allow pro-life doctors to deny birth control to women for “moral reasons”, using anti-discrimination law to bolster an oxymoronic claim of valuing life as a reason to elminate contraception. 

Hillary Clinton’s address was spot on, and Sarah Wildman’s piece was brilliant. The article by Robin Summers goes a bit farther, calling all feminists to arms:

“Each and every one of us must make our voices heard, or else live with the knowledge that we gave our rights away.  We must shout from the rooftops that we will protect our rights and that we expect our elected leaders to do the same.  We must choose to stand up and be counted, for it is the most important choice we will ever make.”

RH Reality Check’s latest piece brings to the fore what is perhaps one of the most critical and easily shirked problems – not general apathy (as is so often the case in American politics), but a false sense of security:

“That which we take for granted is too often gone, erased from our lives by our own ignorance.  We will cry that it was taken from us, stolen in the dark of night by thieves both radical and cunning.  In truth, however, we will have only ourselves to blame, for we not only left the front door open, we left our rights in a box on the front porch and went to bed with dreams sustained by the certainty that the box would still be full in the morning.”

With a handy link to an web form that generates a letter to Mr. Michael Leavitt (who is skyrocketting to the top 10 section of the feminist shit-list like he was David Bowie’s “Low”), Summers reminds us that this is our fight to win or lose, no matter how ridiculous it is that we should have to fight for this in the first place.

“Yet many Americans, especially American women, do not realize that one of their most fundamental and cherished rights – the right to choose for themselves whether or when to have children – is under attack.  Unfortunately, this war is very real, and the battlefield is expanding daily.  The potential HHS regulations are just the latest salvo in the “War on Contraception”, brought to you by our friends who hate abortion but want to limit access to common-sense measures like family planning, which reduces unintended pregnancy and thereby reduces the need for abortion.”  

Still, if feminist voter turnout for primary elections is any indication, men may need to get used to the idea of absinence as a household word.

Ah, to be young and free in America.

Well, to be young anyway.




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