I do the job – I get paid – end of story

16 07 2008

Women make less money than men for the same work. We’ve heard this for most of our lives. So why do we continue to hear this? Why wouldn’t these well-intentioned employers have corrected this obvious mistake by now? Because employers speak in terms of dollars and cents, not right and wrong. If it will cost less to continue to pay some workers less than others, why not do it? Hell, it’s good business. You wouldn’t hire a novice for the same price as an expert – you’d be wasting money! But if you could hire an expert for the same price as a novice – now that’s a deal. And business is all about finding deals – we consumers like deals, because it often makes stuff cost less. Granted, not always – another rule of business: why pass on the savings to the person buying the stuff when you can pass it on to yourself? If your mom gives you ten dollars to go to the movies and it only costs 8.50, would you give it back or keep the change? It’s the same thing, just on a different scale. Now what if your mom charged you three dollars every time she found out you lied about having leftover change from the movies? How would that change your attitude? Same thing, just on a different scale.

Work against laws that discourage equal pay for equal work.




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