From weak to geek

16 07 2008

Let’s face it – computer science is not rocket science. But as computer literacy becomes as necessary as a high school diploma for most jobs, many women find they are falling behind technology. This is an opportunity to build community connections and build computer skills. So many of us have a better understanding of computers than our family and neighbors, colleagues and friends. Offer a helping hand to a woman you know who wants to improve her computer skills – learning is dynamic and every bit helps. Go to places online like and offer free lessons once a month at your local library. Most libraries have dedicated rooms  that you can use – for free –  for meetings and book clubs. Many libraries also have computer labs you can use – for free – to help teach other women of all generations what you know about programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Photoshop, and surfing online, e-mail, and basic troubleshooting. Maybe you don’t know these things, but you know someone who does – coordinate with someone who does know these programs and help her teach a class. Build a small (or wide) network of women trying to improve their computer skills in order to improve their paychecks. Helping her helps you.




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