Todos Hacemos Cual Es Necesario

28 06 2008

It is not necessary for all of us to have the same skin color – we have the same paychecks.
It is not necessary for all of us to use wheelchairs – we have the same roads to travel.
It is not necessary for all of us to wear the same clothes – we have the same spirit driving us.

Trapped in more than one prison, many women embrace only one struggle. Race, sex, age, class, ability, orientation – we must work against the odds to claim our own identity and provide visions of self and our community.

It is not enough to exercise the power to work outside the home – most of us have been working “outside the home” all along.

Now is a time when women have an equal presence in the workforce but not an equal paycheck. Rules, by design or neglect, enable men to hold jobs defined as more prestigious and therefore more lucrative. We must protect ourselves and our families by fighting against this kind of discrimination that strives to keep women “in their place” – or as they say in business, “at that pay level.”

Multum in Parvo

27 06 2008

The 4th Wave denounces attempts to bridge Feminism and Pro-Life rhetoric. As the saying goes,If you’re against abortion, don’t have one.

Abortion is a violent act, not unlike childbirth.

When society considers abortion as the primary solution for women with untimely pregnancies, that society has let women down. That society has conspired in a systemic act of neglect that harms women physically and psychologically, economically and socially.

Untimely pregnancy by which any woman feels trapped disempowers her.

An economically competitive society needs to encompass women, encourage motherhood for those who want it, and not limit choices for workers by criminalizing abortion.

It is imperative for women of all generations to oppose laws that require informed consent. Fathers and parents cannot in good conscience force their loved one to inform and require consent while simultaneously claim to have an interest in the health and well being of that loved one.

Women need more alternatives for ill-timed pregnancies, not fewer. Adoption benefits other people who are in a point in their life where they welcome a child. Open adoptions are a way for women to remain the life of the baby while allowing another parent/couple to legally adopt a most wanted child.

Forced abortion is as unconscionable as criminalizing abortion. Underage women facing the decision to become or remain pregnant must decide for themselves first and solicit opinions from their loved ones second. In both cases women should coordinate with a licensed medical practitioner to ensure a safe, healthful fertility plan.

DNC Rally in DC

13 06 2008
Man, was that fun
(I’ve always wanted to find another way to say that, but “Woman, was that fun” never seems to jive. Might be my conservative-suburbia affected ears, or maybe it really is just awkward. The best I can come up with “is Dude, that was fun,” and that reminds me of Valley talk that is happily forgotten.)

Like so many people have already reported, one of the louder declarations from that rainy day in front of the Marriot is that “this Democratic Party does no longer represents me.”